Our Social Responsibilty

Aksa Energy, a global company operating in 5 countries on 2 continents defines all people and institutions that are directly or indirectly affected by its activities business operations as its stakeholders. The Company aims to create increasing value for this wide stakeholder group with a sense of social responsibility.

In this direction, it conducts studies to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the local communities within its field of activities.

 The human resources required in the Company’s regions of operation are recruited locally, creating job opportunities in those communities and regions. As of the end of 2020, the rate of the Company’s local employees is 61% in Ghana, 62% in Madagascar, 65% in Mali, 72% in Northern Cyprus and %60 in Uzbekistan which is an ongoing investment.

Committed to establishing transparent and effective communication channels with all its stakeholders, Aksa Energy conducts its relations with the companies and suppliers with which it has business relations on the basis of sustainability.

As of end-2020, Aksa Energy collaborates with 820 suppliers – 94% of is local - in 16 countries across 4 continents, including sub-contractors, brokerage houses and consulting firms operating in energy generation and mining. In 2020, the purchase amount from these suppliers was TRY 515.2 million and 11% of these amounts was paid to local suppliers.