Quality Policy

In accordance with its vision of becoming a global player, Aksa Energy is committed to respecting its personnel, local community and the environment in all its domestic and international operations, while adhering to applicable laws and regulations, contractual obligations, and requests of investors.

Capitalizing on its sector experience and pursuing the goal of becoming a global player, Aksa Energy allocates all necessary resources to achieve its strategic objectives by continually expanding its capacity with new investments.

Aksa Energy aims to boost efficiency, retain its competitive advantage, develop and improve its current corporate structure, and pursue new investment opportunities by committing to its core principles.

All Aksa Energy managers know and adhere to the requirements of the Company’s management system. Company management is responsible for extending this knowledge to the entire workforce.

A risk management-oriented approach is adopted for all operational and managerial processes at Aksa Energy. The roadmap to achieve corporate objectives is determined by reviewing all the constituents of the system on a regular basis. This information is shared with company stakeholders based on the principle of transparency. Aksa Energy announces its policies and principles to all its suppliers and other business partners with whom it cooperates. The Company actively encourages its suppliers and business partners to conduct their activities in accordance with these policies and principles.

Aksa Energy engages with the local community, government agencies, and other stakeholders during the regular course of its operations. The Company assumes all relevant responsibilities in this regard.

With this awareness, Aksa Energy is committed to meeting the expectations and responding to the requests of its stakeholders in all geographic locations where it operates. The Company conducts its operations with the aim of continuous improvement of its business processes.

Cemil Kazancı
Chairman and CEO