Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Operating in domestic and international markets, Aksa Energy aims at continuous improvement and minimizing risks in order to ensure that its labor force works in healthy and safe environments.

Aksa Energy organizes and performs regular monitoring-measurement activities and briefing events at the management level to ensure that occupational health and safety applications are adopted and executed by all personnel, including subcontractor staff.

In accordance with its vision and policies, Aksa Energy aims to turn the occupational health and safety management system into a continuously improving corporate culture. The Company’s overarching goal is to become an organization that creates added value for all stakeholders.

 For this purpose, Aksa Energy is committed to:

  • Ensuring that a safe working environment is provided for all employees;
  • Complying with provisions of applicable laws, rules and other regulations;
  • Making occupational health and safety awareness a corporate culture with ongoing training activities;
  • Taking remedial actions to achieve the objective of zero lost time accidents;
  • Improving the HSE performance of company subcontractors;
  • Evaluating risks across its business activities with active participation across all levels of the organization.

Cemil Kazancı
Chairman and CEO