Environmental Policy

Aksa Energy conducts its domestic and international business operations while adopting the vision of becoming a global player. Company operations are carried out by setting strategic objectives that ensure a sustainable structure in economic, social, and environmental terms.

Aksa Energy complies with all applicable local laws, rules, regulations and other related requirements, which come into effect during the investment process and continue through the course of company operations, encompassing all personnel, including subcontractor staff, local community, customers, investors, and all stakeholders.

The Company’s environmental management performance is disclosed to all stakeholders in accordance with the core principles of objectivity and transparency.

To prevent pollution and protect the environment, Aksa Energy performs environmental impact assessments to achieve the following goals:

  • Lowering energy and greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change;
  • Reducing air emissions;
  • Decreasing water consumption;
  • Reducing the amount of waste generated;
  • Recycling wastes;
  • Improving water quality and reducing wastewater;
  • Preventing environmental pollution;
  • Protecting and improving biological diversity in its areas of business activity.

Cemil Kazancı
Chairman and CEO