Energy Policy

Aksa Energy complies with applicable national and international legal and regulatory requirements in all areas of business activity, procures the resources necessary and conducts its electrical energy operations within the scope of an energy management policy based on continuous improvement.

The Company reduces its consumption of energy resources at targeted amounts with continuous improvement efforts, boosts energy efficiency and minimizes energy loss.

Efficiency in energy consumption is monitored by using the SCADA system as part of energy efficiency studies in company operations. Actual energy consumption is compared with estimated values in order to evaluate the Company’s performance in this key area. All employees, including subcontractor staff, are informed about Aksa’s energy policy via various means of communication and at training events. The aim is to ensure that all personnel gain awareness and execute the energy management system in accordance with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard.

 For this purpose, Aksa Energy is committed to:

  • Continuously improving its energy performance;
  • Providing the necessary information and resources to achieve company goals and objectives;
  • Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements related to energy use, consumption, and efficiency, which the Company is subject to;
  • Documenting and implementing energy management procedures, which contain the best facility management standards and practices in order to achieve sustainable energy management conditions.

Cemil Kazancı
Chairman and CEO