Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Aksa Energy embraces the principle of sustainable growth as it pursues becoming a global player. The Company conducts its business operations while fulfilling its economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. 

In all its activities, Aksa Energy is keenly aware of its corporate responsibilities toward both employees, who are internal stakeholders of the Company, as well as external stakeholders.

As part of its corporate social responsibility management efforts, Aksa Energy is committed to:

  • Adhering to financial discipline and accountability, while managing company resources and assets efficiently and in a cost-effective manner;
  • Providing complete and accurate information to shareholders, the public, and relevant bodies about its financial statements, strategies, investments, and risks on a timely basis;
  • Assuming responsibility for social development;
  • Establishing a good relationship with the immediate environs and local community, who are affected by the company’s business activities;
  • Taking into consideration the needs and requests of the local community in the areas where the company operates;
  • To provide effective communication channels and mechanisms for all company stakeholders to be able to share their feedback and complaints;
  • Implementing the best production and environmental solutions beyond what its required by legal and regulatory obligations;
  • Providing support to initiatives to raise environmental awareness, meeting corporate responsibilities toward the communities in all geographies where it operates in close cooperation and harmony with public and non-governmental organizations.

Cemil Kazancı
Chairman and CEO