Our Employees

Aksa Energy sees its employees as its most valuable asset and formulates its corporate polices with that perspective. The Company takes steps to provide better employee working conditions and to develop its workforce. Aksa Energy’s goal is to become the most preferred employer in the energy industry.

The Company is aware that managing and developing employees in the most effective manner ensures sustainable success and creates value. Aksa Energy provides a working environment where all health and safety measures are taken. The Company also administers regular OHS training to its employees. The Company is firmly committed to taking all necessary precautions to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for its workforce.

Aksa Energy aims to retain development-oriented, productive and highly motivated employees. Understanding that reaching long-term corporate goals requires staff support, the Company continuously invests in its human capital. Aksa Energy always strives to foster and sustain a work environment based on respect for diversity, differences, and universally accepted human rights.

Work Force

As of end-2020, Aksa Energy employed 841 personnel; of whom, 76% are blue collars and 24% are white collars. 7% of employees are located at headquarters, with the remaining 93% are at the power plants in various geographic regions. Aksa Energy has 375 employees in Turkey, 82 in the TRNC, 169 in Ghana, 72 in Mali, 133 in Madagascar and 10 in Uzbekistan. The Company employs 55% of its 374 employees in the African countries from the local communities. At all the domestic and overseas power plants, utmost care is taken to recruit local residents in order to contribute to the development of local communities.


Aksa Energy recruits its current and potential human capital via talent management efforts. Career paths are created on a common ground that benefits both employees and the Company, enabling staff members to improve their skills and help the Company achieve its corporate goals.

Aksa Energy places special importance on the personal and professional development of its employees. The Company supports its staff with training programs organized at regular intervals.

In 2020, Aksa Energy provided its employees with 18.757-man x hours of OHS, technical and occupational trainings as well as 486-man x hours of training under Aksa Academy, the internal training platform of Kazancı Holding.


Aksa Energy is committed to respecting the universally recognized human rights of its employees and business partners while conducting all its business activities. The Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Aksa Energy Human Rights Policy. Issued in 2016, the Policy details the Company’s commitment to uphold basic human rights. The Policy is published on the corporate website in all languages of the countries where Aksa Energy operates.


While conducting its business operations at a wide geographic area, Aksa Energy adopts an occupational health and safety management approach that is committed to complying with applicable local and international laws, rules and regulations in order to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its human capital. Aksa Energy, implements pioneering occupational health and safety practices and ensures the continuous improvement of its performance in this area with its Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”) Policy.

In order to create these conditions, Aksa Energy maintains its efforts in the area of OHS. The Company carries out all OHS activities with the goal of “zero work accidents,” puts in place all necessary safety precautions, and takes actions to prevent occupational diseases. In 2020, the Company carried out a total of 3,244,859 man x hours of work and administered a total of 17,170 man x hours of OHS training in its domestic and overseas power plants.

Accident Frequency Rate*

*Accident Frequency Rate: (Total Number of Accidents / Annual Total Working Hours (Person * Hour))*1.000.000  Calculated with the formula.

In 2020, the Company recorded 10 work accidents with minor injuries (injuries requiring outpatient care or first aid only) and 0 work accidents with severe injuries at its domestic power plants while 12 work accidents with minor injuries and 1 work accident with lost day occurred at the overseas power plants. The Company completed 2020 with no fatal work accidents.

In 2020, there are 7 lawsuits raised against the Company regarding liability for work accidents; 1 lawsuit filed in 2018 for fatal work accident is still ongoing.

In 2020, Aksa Energy continued its efforts to improve the health and safety conditions of its employees and reduce occupational accidents and diseases in its domestic and overseas power plants. Maintaining a downward trend in its injury frequency rates¹ since 2015, the Company has reduced this rate by 63% at the end of 2020.

The Company fully complies with OHS laws, rules and regulations. It also goes beyond its legal obligations and implements the latest OHS practices and international standards.