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Aksa Energy Attended the World Energy Congress

Aksa Energy Attended the World Energy Congress


Aksa Energy, Turkey’s largest publicly traded independent power producer, attended the World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. The congress, which dated between 9-12 September, with the attending of more than 10 thousand visitors from 150 countries and 250 speakers, was held with the theme of "Energy for Prosperity".

Aksa Energy Chairman and CEO Cemil Kazancı said that “We have met with representatives of the energy sector from different areas of the world during the congress. As Turkey's global energy company, we share our success story that has been going on for three generations with the whole world. We will continue to provide foreign currency inflow to our country with our power plants in Africa. In addition to this, We continue our investment searches in new markets pertinaciously. We will continue to do our part by establishing power plants to help countries with urgent energy need access to electricity and accelerate their development.”

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